Greenland: stopover in Paamiut due to ice and wind conditions

The FOREL crew arrived a few days ago in the Southwest Greenland Port of Paamiut, a town of 1500 inhabitants. The ice cover being too strong south of the coast of Qaqortoq , FOREL went to Paamiut to wait until the weather conditions allowed them to reach Narsaq .

In Greenland, you have to be patient, adapt and be opportunistic as soon as the weather window allows it. GreenFjord scientific program will begin in Sirmilik Fjord in a few days. The stopover in Paamiut enabled the crew to continue testing equipment on board, interact with the local community and show FOREL to the children of Paamiut .

Here are the first images in Greenland of FOREL. 

Photos : @julien.girardot.photography