Forel Heritage (in the process of being created)

The aim of the Association will be to carry out various research projects in collaboration with the Swiss and the International scientific community, including educational projects, to help achieve a goal identical to that pursued by the Swiss Polar Foundation, in Lausanne (VD).

It is planned that the Swiss Polar Foundation will transfer ownership of FOREL to the « Forel Heritage Association ». The latter will manage the platform, including logistics, maintenance and operation of the sailboat and its instruments. To this end, a team of experienced sailors, and scientific and administrative coordinators will ensure the good operation of the platform and expeditions.

The Association will also be responsible for launching calls for projects, assessing their feasibility, and finally selecting the projects with the collaboration of a group of scientific experts. This group of scientific experts will determine the quality and relevance of the projects submitted.

The boat is currently registered under the English flag. Steps are underway to obtain the Swiss flag.

The Association will be financially supported by the Swiss Polar Foundation, as well as by private donations. Part of the operational costs will be financed by a per diem charged to scientists wishing to use the platform.