FOREL back in the water

After months of 9 months of refit to be pampered, repaired, modified, optimized and scrutinized from every angle, the boat has finally found again its element !

As soon as FOREL hit the water, the crew quickly boarded. After some checks onboard, FOREL was towed to the pontoon. The maneuver was complicated by the mixed weather, with the wind oscillating between 25 and 30 knots.
Moored at the pontoon, the crew was able to share a feeling of satisfaction. It’s always a great emotion to launch a boat.
A major step on the road which should lead FOREL to its departure for Greenland in June. 

We would like to thank the entire team at SEM Keroman - the Lorient-Keroman naval repair area - for their professionalism and good vibes.