Searching for ice-free passage

​​“Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air.” by ​​John Quincy Adams

Position : Narsaq port ; the eighth largest city in Greenland with 1’581 inhabitants.

Latitude, 61° 9' 21.17"N ; Longitude, 45° 25' 9.90"W

After several days of searching for ice-free  passage through the fjords of southern Greenland, FOREL finally arrived at Narsaq at night where the GreenFjord scientific team was patiently waiting for them. A great effort from the crew who persevered to get there. 

The GreenFjord science project (​​www.greenfjord-project.ch ) can now start. The objective is to investigate on the ice-land-ocean interface and conduct detailed sampling at two ocean terminating glaciers close to Narsaq.

To find out more about the scientific program, a page on our site is dedicated: FOREL Greenland 2024.

Photos : @julien.girardot.photography