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FOREL back in the water

After months of 9 months of refit to be pampered, repaired, modified, optimized and scrutinized from every angle, the boat has finally found again its element ! Read more

Masting of FOREL before launching

Refitting the two carbon masts constitutes an important step. The masting took place under a capricious sun, while the boat was resting on the cradles. Read more

FOREL out of the shed

After several months on site at AML (Ateliers Mécanique Lorientais) in Lorient, France, the FOREL has left the construction shed. A strong and unifying moment for the team in these first days of spring. Read more

New configuration

The Forel Heritage Association is continuing the transformation of its oceanographic sailboat FOREL in preparation for its next scientific missions this summer in Greenland. Read more

Electrical installation

At sea, FOREL will be both a floating laboratory and a home for the sailors and scientists on board. One of the key stages of the project is to ensure that the FOREL sailboat has sufficient energy production to keep it running efficiently... Read more

Behind the scenes onboard FOREL

This first project is the most important one, and the objective is considerable: to transform explorer Amyr Klink's sailing yacht Paratii 2 into a scientific vessel adapted to the extreme conditions of polar and sub-polar environments. Read more

A new skin for FOREL

With an aluminum hull measuring 28.6 m long and 8.5 m wide, FOREL needs an anti-slip deck. The team opted for a more eco-friendly material than conventional deck coverings: cork... Read more

Refurbishment: new engines installed

In June 2023, the Ateliers Mécanique Lorientais (AML) shipyard began refitting the "FOREL". Read more